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RFD Pride Collection

$10.00 - $75.00

The RFD Pride collection is here!

Choose from the products below, or bundle all four, for a savings of $16.

Rainbow Crochet Lace Bookmark: this bookmark is handmade with classic 10 cotton crochet thread. Carefully crafted, this bookmark is made to last.

Rainbow Heart Print Silk Lined Fingerless Gloves: These gloves are size medium, and have mulberry satin silk lining. Both functional and fashionable, these gloves are temperature regulating and great for indoor or outdoor temperatures. These are ready to ship in size medium. If you would like them made in a different size, please head to the fingerless glove product section, and order a made to order pair in your size and silk preference:

Uranium Glass Pride Bracelet: This bracelet is set on gold plated stainless steel pins. Fancy cut and round faceted yellow uranium beads, bring elegance to this bracelet. Enamel, and gold plated, brass, rainbow center piece. This bracelet measures 8 inches in length, and is shown on a 6 inch wrist in the human model photos.

Bracelet will be shipped in a gift box, with a keychain UV light.

Rainbow Lace Crochet Barefoot Sandals: These lace crochet barefoot sandals are made with classic 10 cotton crochet thread. They are handmade, and one size fits all. The model in the photo wears size 8 US women's shoes. These have no soles, and are meant purely for decoration.

**Uranium glass contains minute amounts of uranium dioxide, and glows under UV black light. Uranium glass level of radioactivity varies by piece, ranging from less than 1 percent to up to 25 percent by weight, but there is no recognized danger to handling or using uranium glass, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Uranium glass beads are even further diluted than the glass in glassware, as it is mixed with other glass to make the beads. Under 50CPM is normal levels of background radiation. Under 100CPM is not thought to have any health effects. Outside air in the United States of America averages around 25CPM. I check all my pieces with a geiger meter to make sure they clock in at safe levels.*