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About Me

Hi, I’m Alanna Cristin (she/her/hers), I’m the artist behind Rose Fashioned Dreams. I’m an independent multimedia artist, that has been practicing art forms since childhood. I started getting serious about jewelry, cosplay, and sewing, in 2014, when I started making my artwork available to others.

I grew up surrounded by art. My father was a professional musician, and photographer. He and I used to make model airplanes together, which is how I mastered painting miniatures. My mother is eclectic, she taught me a lot about sewing, jewelry making, and the bountiful magic of nature.

Being a multimedia artist has always left me hungry to learn more. I’m always looking to try new things, with new materials. Making my pieces available to the public has allowed me to make my art self sustaining.

I collect uranium glass, which lead to me incorporating uranium glass beads into my jewelry. Most of my uranium beads come directly from the manufacturers in Prague, and a majority of them are vintage glass. My favourite pastimes are thrifting and antique hunting.

I was born in the USA, an hour away from Washington DC, but immigrated to Ontario, Canada to be with my husband and our children. My husband is a professional singer/songwriter/artist, and he is the brains behind turning my artwork into 3D prints, CNC machined wood pieces, and laser printed beauties. We have one pet, a dachshund, who is easily the most spoiled member of our family.