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Enchanted Rose Glass Dome Necklace

$70.00 / On Sale

This necklace houses a small enchanted rose, housed inside of a glass dome that stands 1.5 inches tall. The rose is made of paper and wire, carefully painted with glitter. It will last for a lifetime if stored correctly (in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight). The chain measures 28 inches, and can be extended to 31.5 inches. On this chain are hand crafted pins with vintage champagne pink uranium glass beads, and vintage reclaimed rose red crackle beads. There are 24 vintage uranium glass beads on this necklace.

These necklaces contain glass, and should be stored carefully between wears. Please handle with care. Keep dry, and store out of direct sunlight.

This necklace comes gift wrapped, with an UV keychain light included.

**Uranium glass contains minute amounts of uranium dioxide, and glows under UV black light. Uranium glass level of radioactivity varies by piece, ranging from less than 1 percent to up to 25 percent by weight, but there is no recognized danger to handling or using uranium glass, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Uranium glass beads are even further diluted than the glass in glassware, as it is mixed with other glass to make the beads. Under 50CPM is normal levels of background radiation. Under 100CPM is not thought to have any health effects. Outside air in the United States of America averages around 25CPM. I check all my pieces with a geiger meter to make sure they clock in at safe levels.**