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Gummy Bear UV Reactive Eyeglass Chain

$25.00 USD

A fun spin on the uranium accented eyeglass chains. This chain has no uranium glass, but does contain UV reactive beads.

Coloured Bears: Stainless steel chain with two UV reactive resin gummy bear charms, and glass accent beads. Depending on the model, some of the glass beads will react under UV light.

Black Bears: black coated alloy chain with two resin gummy bear charms, and glass accent beads. The yellow glass beads are UV reactive.

All chains are approximately 30 inches in length.

Eyeglass chains are a fantastic alternative to earrings for folks that like the look of earrings but are unable to wear them, due to unpierced lobes or sensory issues!

Chains come gift wrapped and with a free UV keychain light.