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M-T-O Silk Lined Gloves Gaming Prints (Style Slouch Mini)

$35.00 - $40.00



**Select your size, and choice of fabrics, from the drop down menu. This is a multi product listing. **

This listing is for one made to order pair of the Slouch Mini style of glove. Please see photos for example of fit. You can select your size, and fabric choices from the drop down menu. Your gloves will be made in your fabric choice to your selected size. Please note that the colour of silk lining will be chosen to complement your cotton fabric choice. All Noil silk linings will be black.

Fingerless gloves have a very straightforward measuring guide, as they do not need to account for finger length. Please make sure to measure for your size properly. If you don't own a measuring tape, you can use a piece of non stretch ribbon or rope and a ruler. Please be sure not to stretch your measuring tape, ribbon, or rope tight before marking the measurement. These gloves are made with 100% cotton outer layer. You should expect slight shrinking after the first wash.

The Slouch Mini has a little wiggle room in the fit. If you prefer a more snug glove fit, and fall within 1/4 of an inch of a size, you should be able to size down. If you are unsure of your preferences, or if it is your first time ordering, it is suggested to stick to the size chart. There are pleats on the outside (pinky side) edge of the glove, to give the glove a more natural fit along the curve of the hands. A scallop hem on the inside (thumb side) seam of the glove allows the glove to find a natural placement along the hand regardless of arm size.

These gloves are lined with pure silk. Silk is naturally temperature regulating, and moisture wicking. Please ensure that the selection you choose from the drop down menu has the lining you would like. The following type of silks used are:

Dupioni Silk: this lining is a thin textured silk lining (slubby). It is not as thin as satin, and is a plain weave. Dupioni is best for indoor temperatures. It is extremely breathable, so it is suitable for outdoor use as well, but may not be as cooling as mulberry satin. Dupioni may not be great for those that don't like textured fabrics, but is luxurious and soft.

Mulberry Satin Silk: this lining is best for indoor/outdoor use in warmer temperatures. Also ideal if the wearer tends to run hot, as it has great cooling properties. This is the thinnest of the silk linings.

Taffeta Silk: this lining is best for indoor temperatures, but will be suitable for outdoor use without getting extremely warm. This fabric is great for people that run slightly cold, or are sensitive to cold temperatures. Taffeta is a slightly stiffer silk, but it eases with wear, and is incredibly soft to the touch. This is a medium weight silk.

Silk Noil: this lining is meant for warmth. The thickest and heaviest of silk options, this fabric is ideal for those that run very cold, or want something to boost their hand warmth in general, yet will regulate their hands from getting too warm.

All outer layers are printed 100% cotton. You should expect slight shrinking after the first wash.

Care: Please hand wash these gloves in cold water, with your normal laundry detergent, to protect the silk. Lay flat to dry. While these silks are very durable, they are not meant to be machine washed.

For more info about the fingerless glove line please read the FAQ

*Due to the nature of these being hand made clothing items, refunds will not be issued for ordering the wrong size. Please follow the sizing chart carefully if this is your first time ordering.*