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(Limited Edition) Moon Goddess Uranium & Genuine Amethyst Accented Beaded Eyeglass Chain


**This chain is a limited edition and will not be remade once it is sold.**

This eyeglass chain features genuine amethyst faceted gemstone beads, and uranium slag table cut heart beads. Individually pinned beads on stainless steel chain, and two crescent moon charms dangling delicately from either side, this chain is the perfect accessory for those with a special connection to the moon.

Chain is approximately 30 inches in length.

Comes gift wrapped, and with a free keychain UV light.

Eyeglass chains are a fantastic alternative to earrings for folks that like the look of earrings but are unable to wear them, due to unpierced lobes or sensory issues!

**Uranium glass contains minute amounts of uranium dioxide, and glows under UV black light. Uranium glass level of radioactivity varies by piece, ranging from less than 1 percent to up to 25 percent by weight, but there is no recognized danger to handling or using uranium glass, according to the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission. Uranium glass beads are even further diluted than the glass in glassware, as it is mixed with other glass to make the beads. Under 50CPM is normal levels of background radiation. Under 100CPM is not thought to have any health effects. Outside air in the United States of America averages around 25CPM. I check all my pieces with a geiger meter to make sure they clock in at safe levels.**